Consultel is a company based in Caracas, Venezuela. The company offers a wide range of services for Project development and businesses based on technology infrastructure.

In 2015, Consultel decided to renovate their website to improve its visibility and accessibility. The goal of the project was to create an informative and responsive website that could be used by any user, regardless of their device or browser.

The website development was handled by a team of professionals with experience in web design and development. The website was developed in PHP, built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Web development

The web design of Consultel is simple and elegant. The website uses a neutral color palette that makes the content easy to read, while using corporative colors as accent.

The website is built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML was used to structure the content of the website. CSS was used to control the visual appearance of the website. Javascript was used to add functionality to the website, such as dropdown menus, forms and responsive details.

The Consultel website incorporates responsive web development techniques. This means that the website adapts to any device or browser, regardless of its size or resolution. Responsive web development is an important technique for creating websites that are accessible to all users.


The Consultel website was launched in April 2023. The website has been well-received by Consultel’s customers and visitors. The website has improved the company’s visibility and has helped to increase the number of leads. The website development project was a successful project that met all the client’s requirements.

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